Can I draw fanart/write fanfic based on your work?

Absofreakinglutely. I wrote a ton of fanfic when I was school, so we’re kindred spirits here. As long as you’re not making money off of it, you have my thumbs up to write whatever you want with my characters (but please read the caveat in the question below).

Fanart similarly rules. Feel free to share it with me, if you’re comfy with that. Just make note of where the characters are from if you put your work on Tumblr/Instagram/DeviantArt/what-have-you.

Can I show you my fanart/fanfic?

Fanart, yes. It makes my day.

Fanfic — please, please, please don’t (that goes for homebrew tabletop campaigns, too). Don’t send it to me, don’t tell me anything about it. This isn’t because I don’t want to hear your story or because I don’t want you to tell your own stories in this setting, but because there super gnarly legal issues that can arise here. (This article gives a great explanation of how this kind of situation can go south real fast.) I know sending along fic is meant as a compliment, but it can cause me serious problems, so just know that I think it’s rad that you wrote something, and leave it at that.

Can I do some other kind of project based on your work?

If it’s not for profit, probably! I’ve had college students use my work as a basis for creative assignments (costume design, game design, and so on), and that kind of thing is absolutely fine. If you’re not sure, though, drop me a line and me or my assistant will let you know if it’s cool.