I don’t live in the UK, the Commonwealth, or the US. Where can I buy your books in English?

Distribution is up to my publishers, not me, so your best bet is to ask your local bookseller. If they don’t have it, they can order it.

Are your books available in languages other than English?

Yes! There are a lot of different translations out there, and more on the way. Again, have a chat with your local bookseller. As titles vary from language to language, ask them to search by my name, and they’ll take it from there.

I read a pirated copy of your book. How can I square up after the fact?

You're not the first to ask, and honestly, I’m just happy that you liked the book.

Back when The Long Way was self-published, folks like yourself would pay me retroactively via PayPal, which was cool by me. But the versions available now weren’t made by me alone. They exist thanks to the hard work of legions of great people at my publishing houses: editors, publicists, proofreaders, cover artists, and so on. I’d like them to keep buying groceries, too. So, I present the following options for your consideration:

  • Buy a copy for your shelf.

  • Buy a copy for a friend.

  • Buy a copy for your local library (bonus points!).

  • Buy the next one.

The only thing I require is that you loop this during the entirety of the time it takes you to complete this transaction.

Are you asking this because you want me to get the best percentage of the cover price? If so, you’re a lovely human being and probably smell great. My royalty cut is set in stone no matter what, so go with whichever vendor you like best (your local indie bookstore, perhaps?).

Where would you like me to buy your books?